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4 Tips for Faster and Successful Partner Visa Application Process

The Australian government allows thousands of people globally to apply for partner visas with prospects of uniting with their partners. However, many applications get rejected because of various mistakes or failing to meet specific requirements. For example, providing insufficient relationship evidence, submitting wrong format files, providing incorrect information during interviews and failing the character test can result in application rejection. 

If you want a faster and stress-free application process for your partner visa, keep in mind the following tips.

Conduct Comprehensive Research Regarding Partner Visas

Before applying for your partner visa, you first want to do thorough research. The Department of Immigration has explicitly outlined application requirements that you and your partner must meet for a successful lodgement.

For instance, research more on what the law says about shorter relationship periods, complicated immigration histories, medical conditions and other eligibility requirements. If you find the process too complicated to understand, consult a professional immigration expert for more advice before applying. 

Satisfy All Criteria Regarding Your Visa Application

The partner visa application is not only about proving that you and your partner are in a relationship. Satisfying the "partner criteria" is highly imperative in the application process. 

For example, if you plan on getting married, you must effectively prove that you've been in a de-facto relationship not less than twelve months, according to Work Visa Lawyers. Demonstrating that you've met the partner criteria includes relationship commitment, shared financial obligations and being publicly known that you're dating. Therefore, ensure that you've submitted sufficient and concrete proof to speed up the application review process. 

Be Thorough and Transparent

Avoid rushing when filling out your application forms. When submitting your information for accuracy and completeness, take time to ensure smoother application processing. 

Additionally, be careful when filling out forms or answering questions, and use a checklist to prevent delays throughout the process. Remember to always keep in touch with your partner when providing information to ensure consistency and an evidence-backed application. 

Consult an Expert Immigration Agent for Advice

The partner visa application process can be complex and intimidating to most people. If you hit a roadblock, it's always good practice to seek help from a reputable Immigration agent. While you might get advice from people who have successfully applied for partner visas, their circumstances might differ from yours. 

A reputable licensed immigration agent will offer advice tailored to your unique circumstances. They are highly experienced in removing the stress from the partner visa application process and preventing you from making costly mistakes.