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Job Seekers: 4 Reasons You Aren't Doing Well in Aptitude Tests

These days, the job market is flooded with trained and qualified individuals seeking to kick start their careers in reputable firms. Companies are thus keen on filtering out candidates they deem fit for the specific roles in their organisations. Aptitude tests, also referred to as psychometric tests, are one of the popular ways companies use to test candidates before interviewing them for jobs. So what are some of the reasons candidates do not perform well when they are put up against psychometric tests? Read this to avoid falling victim of this disappointment:

You Don't Prepare

The essence of an employer putting you through a psychometric test is to measure your behavioural tendencies and mental capabilities tom process information. The questions will require you to employ simple reasoning, but this does not mean that you should go into the test without any preparation. The mind functions just like the rest of the body. It requires training and practice to stay sharp and responsive to the test ahead. Going into the test without any preparation is a big risk. Even if you will get the answers, you might run out of time as you spend too much time trying to solve one problem. The clever thing to do is spend some time on the internet practicing different types of aptitude tests before the material day you will be tested.

Research the Company or Department

An employer will give you a test related to his or her line of service. They will only subject you to questions and scenarios that are likely to pop up in the course of performing your duties. Do a background check on the major lines of the service offered by your potential employer or the most likely department they will deploy you. For instance, if you are applying for a sales and marketing position, your tests must comprise some basic calculations involving sales. This includes computations on discounts, totals sales, average sales and cost of sales among others. Focus on this line during preparation.

Weakness and Strengths

Passing any aptitude test is no different form the exams you have been taking in college. Focus on your strengths, capitalise on them and try harder on your weakness. If you are good at languages and essays questions, make sure that you nail most if not all the descriptive questions. Be fast and accurate to leave more time for the harder questions that you are regard as your weakness.